Liverpool leading the way in VR/AR

Liverpool leading the way in VR/AR

We’ve taken this article from Tech North to share the good news that Liverpool City Region is becoming a hotbed of Virtual and Augmented Reality activity within its burgeoning digital and creative sector.

Well there you have it? Liverpool…is a leading light in augmented and virtual reality.

<We’re always looking to find hidden niches in the Northern tech ecosystem whilst we’re out and about. Recently, I decided to have a delve into the AR/VR scene. One thing became clear – Liverpool is leading the way, both in terms of the numbers and size of firms in this field. It’s not as though the region doesn’t have previous, mind – Psygnosis Limited, developer of the mighty Lemmings game, first set up on the banks of the Mersey in 1985, only to be bought out by Sony Computer Entertainment.

I’ve quickly mapped out the AR/VR firms across the region. Whilst the sector is still in its infancy, Liverpool dominates.

Playing with numbers and data on a screen is all well and good, but this will never be a substitute for learning how tech is changing on the ground and speaking to the people that make the sector tick. My talented colleague Nadina recently captured the Liverpudlian AR/VR scene whilst spending some time in the burgeoning Merseyside tech ecosystem. Here she met Swapbots – one of the city’s brightest AR gaming startups.

AR and VR in Liverpool: Meet Swapbots

Next up, VTime – the sociable VR network. The company claim to be the best way to meet, chat and share in VR.

But let’s be clear, it’s not just Liverpool that is producing exciting things in AR/VR. All of the major cities of the North are home to at least one virtual and augmented reality firm. Let’s hope this trend continues long into the future.

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