Business matters – Support is insulating brands from Brexit

Business matters – Support is insulating brands from Brexit
This month, our business and technology manager, Jonathon Clark, explains to North West Business Insider  how business support programmes are helping to future-proof businesses against the potential pitfalls of Brexit. 

Amongst all the confusion of Brexit, one of the things that has remained steady throughout is the business community’s desire for clarity. The lack of any clear direction – even now, within a matter of months of 29 March when we are due to officially leave the EU – has hamstrung the ability of businesses to plan and obfuscated what lies ahead.

Brexit has already carried a higher probability of things getting worse before they get better – the very premise of it is based on long-term gains – but the result of that is that it will have a magnifying effect on things that are already in play, like the brain drain, skills gaps between regions and unevenly distributed transport infrastructure.

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