Award winning Liverpool business wins funding for world’s first mental health app for sexual violence trauma

Award winning Liverpool business wins funding for world’s first mental health app for sexual violence trauma

Award winning Liverpool tech business KRTS International has received £10,000 funding from LCR Activate to develop what is believed to be a world first mental health support app for survivors of sexual violence trauma, Moving Forward After Sexual Violence.

Founded by chartered psychologist Cath Kerr and trauma therapist, Dr Liz Royle, KRTS International offers innovative eHealth solutions for psychological health and wellbeing.

Working in collaboration with Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, KRTS International secured financial backing through LCR Activate to help build Moving Forward. The initiative is in the final stages of development and is set to launch as a pilot scheme later this year.

Compliant with standards set by groups such as the World Health Organisation and the British Psychological Society, and clinically supported by therapists, Moving Forward is a tool to specifically help victims suffering from trauma following sexual violence.

Cath Kerr, Co-founder of KRTS International, said, “LCR Activate has been an excellent source of advice and support and has offered several solutions to deal with the specific barriers we were facing. Our passion is to make sure that the right person gets the right support at the right time, as well as addressing the stigma surrounding mental health. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to tackling mental health challenges, but we believe that the Moving Forward app can empower users in tackling them head-on.”

KRTS International also recently launched their workplace crisis mental health app, KRTS Power to Respond, which provides immediate aftercare for employees dealing with trauma and crisis mental health issues within and outside the workplace. After receiving bespoke business support and consultation from the LCR Activate programme to develop KRTS Power to Respond, the app went on to win the 2019 CIR Business Awards and secured an NHS hospital as its first customer on a licensing basis.

Speaking of KRTS International’s success, Jonathon Clark, Business and Technology Manager at LCR Activate said, “In the year that LCR Activate has been supporting KRTS, we’ve really seen them develop as a business, and are thrilled that they are now in a position to be bringing Moving Forward to market by the end of the year. Knowing that this product is the first of its kind, and being involved in bringing attention to the issues surrounding mental health, is something we are proud to support. Moving Forward is a prime example of a company the ‘tech for good’ trend we are seeing in in LCR and beyond – it really will bring a positive impact for users across the world”

As daily life becomes increasingly digital, it is hoped that KRTS’s ehealth trauma solutions will provide accessible support that will give users significant tools to help them tackle their mental health issues.

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