Opportunity: LCR Activate Marketing Services Invitation To Tender

DEADLINE: 2 March 2018.  LCR Activate Partner, LJMU, is looking to engage Marketing Services to coordinate existing relevant resources at the partner organisations and fill any gaps in provision, in order to attract SMEs to the LCR Activate project.


This may entail marketing, PR, communications, events and brand development throughout the duration of the Contract. The supplier will also be required to promote the project’s success stories through publicity opportunities, generating interest at local, regional and national level in order to enhance the Liverpool City Region’s reputation as a hub for advanced technologies in the Digital and Creative industries.


There are already many existing networks and groups operating in the Digital and Creative sector across the Liverpool City Region and it is important that effort is not duplicated; rather, LCR Activate’s marketing and other activities should be woven into what already exists and compliment those things, rather than attempting to compete with them.


DEADLINE: 2 March 2018 at 12noon