Bluebird Support Services Limited

Bluebird Support Services Limited

Date: January 2018  

Technologies: Cloud Technologies

Sector: Technology, Digital consultancy

Partner: LJMU (Liverpool Business School)  


Bluebird Support Services was set up in 2016 to help firms in the professional services sector reduce overheads and increase their profits with outsourced secretarial and administration work. Working primarily with law firms, it employs experienced legal secretaries who work remotely with its clients’ IT systems to create new, lean and efficient processes for speeding up work.

For Bluebird’s remote workforce to deliver its work, it relies upon secure collaboration technology. The biggest concern to its clients, though, was confidentiality and the security of their data. Secure, hosted technology was one of the biggest costs to the business and, although it had been introduced to Office 365, Bluebird was unconvinced by its security features and lacked the technical understanding to implement them.

Approaching Activate:  

Managing Director of Bluebird Jayne Smith was introduced to Activate by The Women’s Organisation. Impressed by what assistance could be offered through the support programme, they engaged with it in the hope of streamlining their data processes.

Partner support: 

The company liaised with academics from LJMU, sharing diagrams of and information about its business processes. LJMU was able to provide technical support and advice to replicate the processes in a cloud series platform and advise on information security, rights management and workflow automation.


As a result of the support provided, Bluebird was able to migrate from the costly hosted server technology that it was using to Office 365 and has subsequently reduced its IT overhead by 80%.

Jayne explains that, although there was a lot of learning required to bring Bluebird up-to-speed on the suite of Office 365 applications, the Activate support helped to successfully guide the company through its migration.

Working into the future:

“I feel that Bluebird is now ‘future-proofed’ with constantly updating software from Microsoft,” explains Jayne about the support. “We have real scalability in our business at the lowest cost risk possible.”

The company has since also found that more and more of its target client-base is using Office 365, giving it scope for future services to be offered as integrations and making collaboration within the sector easier.

“It’s always helpful to have a different perspective on your business and, if you’re willing to give a little time to listening to others, then there’s not much of a downside to taking up the opportunity offered through Activate.”