Fifty Eight

Tell us a bit about your business…    

Fifty Eight is a Liverpool based for-purpose business which partners with organisations and individuals throughout the value chain to achieve work that enhances quality of life, free from exploitation.

We do this through active research, training and practical solutions for companies, governments and NGOs.  This includes Just Good Work- a mobile platform that educates jobseekers and workers for every step of their employment journey to enable them to make better choices and avoid exploitative recruitment and employment practice. When we began, very little was being done to address debt bondage and exploitative recruitment practice for migrant workers that focused on educating and equipping individuals at grass roots. Companies also had very little visibility of their recruitment process and the challenges workers were facing. We believe that addressing the challenges of worker exploitation and modern slavery must involve empowering those who are most vulnerable with the tools to make their own choices and achieve decent and dignified work.


When you approached Activate, what were the challenges/problems were that prompted or necessitated a change in your company?

We had already developed the first grass roots versions of the Just Good Work App and were preparing to launch in Kenya and Qatar when we began the LCR activate programme. We had interest from 2 large corporate clients to customise the app (Kordus) for their suppliers and recruiters and needed additional resources to build pilot versions for them with improved UX, design, especially to engage users in their own language and develop audio/visual elements for those with low literacy. The match funding provided from LCR activate enabled us to develop the Kordus platform for the early adopter clients and market it more effectively to others, as well as improve the experience for grass roots users.


What support did your company receive from Activate and how did it help overcome the challenges? Did you access finance?

We received support in terms of business planning, marketing training and financial match funding.


What impact has this support had on your company in terms of growth, sales & revenue?

The customised Kordus platform has enable us to expand the Just Good Work app to UK, Nepal, Malaysia, Mauritius & Madagascar, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, UAE and added 10 more languages

We have 4 large Kordus UK clients including two leading online retailers, ASOS and The Very Group

Just Good Work UK was launched in partnership with The Association of Labour Providers in September who have made it freely available to all UK workers, Employers and Labour providers in 4 languages.

6 more people have been employed by Fifty Eight to develop the Kordus platform and the Just Good Work mobile app

We engaged Liverpool based Matchstick Creative Content and Design agency to develop the UX of the Just Good Work app for both clients and grass roots users.


What are your company’s plans for the future?      

We aim to expand the grass roots coverage of Just Good Work to include more migrant worker routes from South Africa, Nigeria into Oman and Kuwait as well as increase the languages on the UK version

We want to expand the corporate client base and engage existing Kordus clients to expand the roll out of the app to more of their suppliers in the UK and abroad. We want to expand the reach of the platform to more industries and sectors and develop better mechanisms for data sharing to enable companies to more effectively assess  exploitation and human rights risks in their supply chains

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