K-Safe (Busby)

Tell us a bit about your company!

K-Safe has developed two road safety applications. One for vulnerable road users and the other for drivers. The aim is to increase safety and reduce risk for both sets of users but offering multiple in app safety features such as incident detection, prevention, SOS functionality and more.


When you approached Activate, explain what the challenges/problems were that prompted or necessitated a change in your company:

Access to finance was a barrier and we we’re struggling to get our development done which was needed to grow and develop the company. Prior to engaging with activate, we had nothing other than a prototype and a dream.

When engaging with activate, this allowed us to bring in seed investment and pay for our development costs.


What support did your company receive from Activate and how did it help overcome the challenges?

We were granted a £11500 development grant to be able to pay 50% of our development costs. Without this, we wouldn’t have been able to develop the apps, platforms etc to launch the products.


What impact has this support had on your company in terms of growth, sales & revenue?

Now we have developed the apps, websites, platforms etc we are now a revenue generating business and hiring more staff. We have some big commercial deals in the pipeline and are hiring another 5 members of staff in the coming months.


What are your company’s plans for the future?

We would like to grow the business into more markets and more countries. We have users in 87 countries and we will have to grow the team and product to meet demand in the coming months/years.


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