KRTS International

KRTS International

Date: January 2018  

Technologies: Software applications 

Sector: Mental health 

Partner: LJMU (Liverpool Business School)  


Founded in 2010, KRTS International provides innovative transformational e-health solutions for psychological health and wellbeing including the KRTS Power to Respond® App, which was launched in 2018. KRTS also offers consultation and bespoke training to support and complement its digital products. Despite having many ideas to develop its products, the firm was in need of commercial support to advance its technologies. 

Approaching Activate:  

Cath Kerr, Director at KRTS, was first introduced to the Activate programme through The Women’s Organisation. After discussions and guidance from research developers withinthe Liverpool Business School, KRTS collaborated with  a trusted IT investor, this enabled the product to be built. The investor subsequently became a Director of KRTS Power to Respond Ltd. 

Partner support: 

KRTS received a range of consultancy support via Research Developer Amanda Ordish, who supported the business to negotiate the onboarding of an investor, while LJMU’s School of Computer Science helped it to consider appropriate emerging technologies that could be embedded into its product. 


As a result of the support, KRTS has been offered the opportunity to add advanced technology to its latest innovation, the KRTS Power to Respond® App, this will make it more attractive to customers. KRTS was able to focus on the app’s development and to ensure that the product was ready for commercialisation and release, with its focus of supporting employees and managers after there has been a crisis or trauma. . 

The ripple effect of the collaboration has been to enable KRTS to develop a secondary offering of a workshop to give organisations the tools and advice needed to support their staff. 

What’s next:  

“First and foremost, our passion is to make sure that the right person gets the right support at the right time following a critical incident,” explains Cath. “We also want to address the stigma surrounding mental health and normalise reactions as opposed to medicalising them.”  

The firm is keen to build a globally recognised brand for trauma and critical incidents and to continue developing health and wellbeing products. 

“Amanda and Carl at Activate have been an excellent source of advice and support and have offered a number of solutions to deal with the challenges we were facing.”