Tell us about your company:

We are an award-winning education technology company passionate about improving parental engagement through our parental communication apps and bespoke websites for schools and nurseries. We have helped hundreds of schools across the UK and abroad build meaningful relationships with parents.


When you approached Activate, explain what the challenges/problems were that prompted or necessitated a change in your company:

It is absolutely essential that we continually develop our app as it helps increase sales and reduces customer churn. One of the areas we were seeing churn is down to the fact that some schools were not using the app or not using many of the features. We had no way of seeing the overall useage without having to log into each school which was time consuming. We needed to develop a dashboard that provided the data in real time so we could identify possible cancellations and address their app useage with additional training.

We also needed to build a parents evening booking system to allow parents to book an appointment directly with their class teacher.


Did you access finance?

Finance was an issue as we couldn’t raise enough funds without selling equity so the LCR grant has helped us build the above features. This will ultimately increase sales and reduce customer churn. We received funding whereby we received 50% of the cost to develop the above features. We now have new products, live access to useage data and have created jobs for new employees.


What are your company’s plans for the future? 

We plan on continuing with product development and as such now need to build an integrated payment system, access to more school data such as attendance, behaviour, school reports and attainment. Our plan is to continue to sign more schools and keep hold of the ones we have which will be a lot easier with these new features.


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